Feb 5, 2008

Eyes to Yourself

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” Romans 12:6

This year I have had the pleasure of watching one of our new girl leaders form friendships with some senior girls in our club. It is the coolest thing. As soon as these girls arrive at any event, you can almost see their “Christie Radars” go up. They are all on the lookout for her. And as soon as they find her, they are stuck fast. It’s almost as if no one else exists; she is all that matters. And they think that every word that comes out of her mouth is the funniest thing they have ever heard. At winter camp this year, they laughed for 10 minutes straight when she quoted a Bible verse. Who knew holy writ could be so side-splitting? I still don’t know what was so funny. And every idea she has is the best idea ever spoken aloud. She could tell them to run as fast as they can into a brick wall and they would do it. They are enamored. And she is just as taken with them. Watching God do a work in all of their hearts through these blossoming relationships is amazing.

Still, periodically, I have to check my pride at the door. I find myself thinking, “Why don’t they like me as much as her?” or “They don’t even know I’m here.” Well, the truth is, they DO like her more and they are probably only slightly aware that I’m around (I refuse to believe that I go completely unnoticed). But, so what? Who cares who they like more! At these times, I have to ask myself new questions: “Am I living this life for myself or for God? Is it all about me or all about Him?”

The truth is, as funny and attractive as Christie is, the bond that is forming between her and those seniors is a God thing. He has provided her with particular personality traits and life experiences that draw those girls to her. And He is using those to bring the girls into a closer relationship with Him. Again, it is about Him.

What God has done in Christie, He is doing in all of us. He has given us particular gifts and life events to equip us to do the job He has for us to do. In Ephesians 2:10, Paul tells us that God has works, good works, for us to do that He already has prepared. He has a specific mission for you. One that He has specially built, molded, and pruned you for. It’s the perfect job. But so often, we miss out on our job because we are too busy lamenting the fact that we don’t have so-and-so’s gifts. “She’s prays aloud so much better than I.” Or “Wow, what a great teacher. I wish I could teach like that.” Or “Maybe they like her better because she’s so funny. I should try to be funny.” Oh, was that last one just for me?

It comes down to this. God has a plan for the world around us and each of us plays a special, specific part in it. Are we going to live out our role and find fulfillment in accomplishing our purpose for being on this earth, or are we going to whine about not having someone else’s job and live our lives in jealous bitterness? I’m speaking to myself here. Let’s get our eyes off of each other and trust God enough to give our own purpose a try. You never know; you might just like your job better anyway. It’s what God made you for, after all!

Father, we confess that we are guilty of comparing ourselves to your other children. We are sorry and thank you for your patience and forgiveness for us in this area. Thank you that you love us each enough to invite us to be a part of what you’re doing on this earth. Help us not to miss our callings because our eyes are focused on the wrong targets. We love you, Amen.


The browns said...

Misti, I love your blog!! What an inspiration! I just read your article in Radiant magazine, and it has truly blessed my day! It sounds like you guys are really doing well, God is doing amazing things in the lives of women through you-thank you!! I am going to forward your blog address to all of the women in my address book!! love ya!

The browns said...
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