Jul 14, 2008

Returning This Week

Okay, all. I think we've all discovered that if I don't give myself a designated day to post, then I simply won't post at all. So, I'm going to establish one. I will be posting every Monday that I'm in town. There, I said it; now I must do it. This will allow you to simply check on Mondays alone and if there isn't a new post then that means I'm out of town and won't be posting until the following Monday. That being said, today is Monday and I don't have the time to commit to a full devotional. However, I will post within the next couple of days. Then, I will be out of town for Young Life camp in Colorado (YEA, BABY!) for about a week. Then, watch out! I should be back on the horse supplying you with a fresh word every week. Thank you so much for being patient with my schedule and lack of discipline. Life should be back to "normal" in August, which will free me up to have a more consistent writing time. Thanks, all! I love you dearly!

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